Interna: Where it all started

Interna: Where it all started

It's summertime, and while your friends are chilling out during the holidays, you have to find an internship because your school says you should(or maybe you're one of the serious students who always want to be ahead of the class👀). Whatever shoe you're in, getting an internship opportunity is not an easy thing to obtain, especially because you and 500 other people are applying for the same position.

How we started

We, the founding tech bros of Interna are not strangers to this. One of us had to settle for an internship position outside the line of our tech bro scope and ended up going on silly errands throughout the summer😭. We discovered this was a big problem, especially here in Nigeria and we didn't want anyone else going through the same difficulties just to find an internship. Hence, we bring to you.....**drum roll**, Interna!!

At Interna, we believe that "Gaining experience shouldn't be hard", and we are fully committed to making this experience a breeze for you.

Why should you join Interna?

There's LinkedIn, There's Indeed, There's Glassdoor. But why Interna? At Interna, we tailor our content to students and recent graduates looking for internship opportunities. Interna is not just a platform for landing internships, it's an awesome community that would give you everything you need to know before going on an internship, or doing one in a specific company. So if you're the type who doesn't like to have weekly meetings with your colleagues, you'll definitely get a heads-up about that before you join any company(but why wouldn't you like meetings though).

If you don't know how to prepare your CV, or you're the lazy type that is always looking for a template👀, Interna's CV generator will be your best friend on this quest for success.

After you've secured an interview due to our wonderful CV generator, you'll need the help of our Interview Prep tool, which will help you get prepared thoroughly for your interview.

You know what happens if you go in there unprepared.

Just so you don't have to stress too much to get an internship, our partner firms are also willing to take you in and help you on your road to success. All of these among a whole host of features like personalized career mentorship sessions and direct messaging with top industry experts. So, are you still contemplating?😏

Why you need to join our waitlist

Joining our waitlist automatically makes you our VIP, and as all VIPs have, there are some benefits to be enjoyed🌚.

Firstly, you get full access to our private beta release for Interna, meaning you get to use and enjoy Interna way before everyone else does. You can get some solid opportunities during that time frame and enjoy our host of features. That's a flex if you ask me!

After Interna has been fully released to the public, you also get 2 months free of our premium plan. Private Beta + 2 months premium. "No be grace be that?"

During the private beta, you get to give your opinions to us and how we can make the platform better before the release, making you a contributor to Interna's success.

I mean, if you still dull after this. Sorry for you o🚶‍♂️.

I've spoken enough, now it's time for you to join our waitlist. Visit our website at to join our waitlist and don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram.